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  • Rick A October 23, 2023

    Beautiful property. Slow fishing. Although I had to leave early. Fishing might have picked up later.

  • Andy B October 23, 2023

    Water was low, but there were some nice deeper runs on this stretch. I caught a handful of 10-12 inch fish. Also, your team gave me a ton of helpful information with regards to the specific stretch of water I'd be fishing. I was also impressed with how will marked the fishing spot was. RareWaters signage made entrance, parking, etc. super straightforward.

  • Darren Brennan October 22, 2023

    Want to start with the staff at Iron Bridge, Chad and Miles couldn’t have been more helpful. Please tip these guys if they provide the same top service they provided me. For the fishing, it was ridiculous all day long. Pro tip, if you’re fishing when the course is open, Access Point #1 could see golf balls headed your way in the river with right handed shanks.
    So I quickly moved up to just below access point #2 and was happy I did. The fish were behind every rock in the riffles and the fishing was ridiculous all the way up to access point #4. Take your time here, it is well worth it in the riffles this time of year. Went back to the golf cart to catch my breath and have a break after two hours of crazy fishing. Went back out and entered at Access #5 and worked up river for an hour or so. Hooked into a few nice fish and then caught a HUGE fish on a hopper. Sunset and clouds then started working its way onto the river here so I fished downriver and caught more all the way down to Access #2. Drove the cart path back to the pond and landed a nice 14” rainbow at the pond on the course. Had an incredible day fishing here, must have netted 50 plus fish for the day and most were larger than 14” with a nice 20” toad on the hopper. Can’t wait to bring friends back here, nobody will believe my fish tales from this section, but I wanted to come back the next day. One of the best days fishing the Roaring Fork ever. Do yourself a favor, book one of the properties on the Roaring Fork that Rare Waters gives you access to, I have fished all 3, you can thank me later. Will be bringing friends here next year during the spring to destroy this place. Big fish on small flies, it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Joe D October 17, 2023

    Great day fishing this section of the Ark! The ability to have a section of private water was fun but catching fish justified the price for us.

  • Jon G October 17, 2023

    Great service and very nice property...conditions were the limitations. We caught brown and bow, but it was colder and the water level lower so the window for activity was short.