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  • Chad H November 27, 2023

    We fished the day after a storm and the weather was nice. Barometer was going the wrong direction. Great property and fun day, just no fish were caught. Tried every bug possible. River was pretty low, but this stretch still had good runs and pools. I can see how it could fish better, but not the day we were there.

  • Jason D November 20, 2023

    The fishing was incredible. Saw lots of fish and caught quite a few. Easy to access river and very fishy throughout the whole stretch. Kind of hard to verify the top boundary and the willows do make it hard to cast but not impossible.

  • Evan November 20, 2023

    This is an awesome property. I fished it on 11/15/23 and had a great day. its easy to get to and the signs marking the access and parking are really helpful. As described, the 2 "honey holes" were awesome runs and held a lot of fish. I fished from about 8:30AM-2Pm and put a lot of fish in the net. The average fish was about 16-17" and I landed a few over 20" I saw some real monsters cruising around the pond also. I'll definitely be back.

  • bill leuchten November 17, 2023

    Easy wading and a nice stretch of water to cover in a day. Fish were easy to find in some of the obvious areas of holding water and more difficult in some of the wide nondescript stretches of water where you couldn't see any bottom structure. Caught some healthy, fat 18 inch fish in the darker, deeper pools located in the upstream boulder fields and also in the long run at the most downstream portion of the property. Flow was perfect at 1650 CFS and good water clarity and the full sunny day made identifying the the fishy spots easier. I will be back.

  • Fred E November 14, 2023

    At this time of the year pre-spawning browns are running up the Blue River from the Williams Fork Reservoir and being followed by some very large rainbows. The fish are now in the upper section of the Blue which includes this property. The fishing was excellent.

    1. Customer service was great-I booked on short notice and Adrienne was very helpful.
    2. The property was well kept and attractive-quality private water is very difficult to find on the Blue.
    3. The stream was very fishable and had some great holding water.