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  • Mark Nakagawara March 24, 2023

    Fishing on a cold late-March day, I suspect that this stretch of water would be extremely productive with warmer weather. Despite my reservations, I found fish in the regular winter spots of deeper, slower runs. The scenery on this stretch of river is spectacular. I was inspired by the mountain views. I hoping I will be able to make a return visit in the future to fish what I’d suspect would be some spectacular hopper-dropper runs.

  • Mark Nakagawara March 24, 2023

    I spent the day fishing by myself on the river on a 40 deg morning. Throughout the day I had consistent action from 12-13” browns. I did manage to catch one rainbow below the river. The property has several in-stream habitat weirs that are highly productive. I fished from 10am-5pm and did not fish more than a half of the property. Access is somewhat challenging from the drop-ins, rocks and downed trees/branches along the stream and trails. I suspect the vegetative growth during the summer months make access to the down stream portions of the property a even more challenging since none of the vegetation/leaves emerged from the branches during my visit.

  • Troy Dilzell January 26, 2023

    I fished this Sept 17,2022 with a good friend and had an unbelievable day with over a 100 fish caught between the two of us. We actually stopped counting, as we caught a fish with almost every cast, until the wind made casting somewhat difficult in the bushes. This is a real fun creek to fish and I suggest trying it this summer. Most fish were browns and caught on dry fly, black/orange beetle pattern. Other drys worked but the beetle pattern was the one. The only drawback of this property, is it is VERY difficult to walk in the pasture with many holes and uneven terrain, so be careful.

  • Chris Wheeler November 18, 2022

    Three of us fished this property on 11/15/22. We knew with the significant changes in temps that fishing would be difficult. The air temps barely hit 40 and the water temp was 38. We were able to land a handful of smaller browns on size 18-22 midge patterns. The challenge with winter fishing this property at these flows-330, is there is not much deep slow holding water. With that said, this property has about a half dozen excellent runs and the views of the Collegiate Peaks are stunning. The river access is very easy, the signage was excellent, and the property was very tidy. As others have reviewed, this would be a great place to fish summer through fall.

  • Bill Leuchten October 31, 2022

    Nice water and very accessible on both sides. Surprisingly fish were not hanging in the deep aquarium like pools but in non-descript un-fishy looking water. Some nice 16 inch fish all caught nymphing with small nymphs. The pond was filled with huge trout but really did not want flies as they were pellet fed and really were waiting for the pellet machine to start feeding. A pellet fly would work just fine I assume.
    I would recommend this property.