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  • Bill Leuchten October 31, 2022

    10/27/22 Colorado Cliffs. Beautiful water and property. It's nice big water that cannot all be reached by wading but certainly enough of it to keep one busy for the day. Tried fishing with streamers but had all the luck with small nymphs.

  • Cyndie
    Cyndie October 24, 2022

    Though my son and I were there for some late fall fly fishing we had a great time on this beautiful property !
    The fish we caught were health browns and rainbows!
    Beautiful location! We will plan to make it back here for another day !!

  • Tom Green October 13, 2022

    We attempted to fish beat 1. The water flow was so insufficient that the river was only a trickle with ponds between the running areas; however, the water temperature (my guess - I did not have a thermometer) must have approached the upper 60’s. We tried this area and caught several fish-chubbs, I think. As we traveled downstream towards the end of our beat, we approached the confluence of the Encampment River. The sound of a strong water flow attracted my attention enough that I ventured onto beat 2-there were no fishermen there. The Encampment river was flowing strongly and enticed my desire to fish on beat two. I traveled back to my vehicle and tried to call the owner to inquire if we could fish beat 2 - no answer. After careful consideration, I decided that beat 2 was off limits for me on this day so we packed up and left - 11:30 AM.

    It is my opinion that the owner/operator should have informed me prior to my visit that the beat that I picked (sight unseen) was unfishable and should have offered another area to fish.

  • Tom McLaughlin October 10, 2022

    Had a fantastic time at the North Platte Great Escape property. So cool to drive down the ranch road onto the property, and the drive to Beat 2's parking is pretty fun going across a couple streams/channels. Beautiful property, saw several bald eagles scanning the river for trout like we were.

    Did not have success nymphing, but I do not think my leader was long enough or was using enough split shot for the deeper holes. Had lots of success with streamers, mainly a black articulated streamer I got from Hack's Tackle in Saratoga nearby.

    Very excited to return here in the future. Biggest fish I caught was about a 13" brown so nothing too big, but caught plenty of fish in the 10" range. Hopefully next time will find some bigger fish!

  • Dylan October 4, 2022

    A great vacation spot to catch eager trout. I had the opportunity to fish here with Fishing The Good Fight and it was awesome catching some many fish. I highly recommend this location.