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The RareWaters landowner experience.

Nobody is more experienced in growing, managing and monetizing fly fishing properties. RareWaters landowners earn up to six figures per year.

We're landowners too! We know what it's like to manage a ranch first hand.

We’ve been in your shoes and know what ranch life is like. As a RareWaters’ landowner, you’re our number one priority. We’d never ask you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. Landowners maintain full control by setting your property’s pricing, availability and calendar. Don’t want anglers on your property during branding or hunting season? No problem!

Does your property have great fly fishing access?

Join the RareWaters’ community and start earning passive income today! We have a strong portfolio of satisfied landowner clients. Referrals available upon request. 

Every RareWaters angler signs a LEAVE NO TRACE policy.

All RareWaters’ anglers are required to leave your property better off than it was before they arrived. Conservation is the centerpiece of our mission. Through our LEAVE NO TRACE policy, it’s our goal to protect and preserve wild habitat for future generations.

RareWaters has you covered!

Enjoy the following benefits when you join the RareWaters community.

Earn additional money for your family

RareWaters landowners earn up to six figures in passive income per year.

Complimentary Insurance Coverage

We offer a $2M insurance package to cover any unforseen liabilities.

Maintain Control and Flexibility

Landowners are always in control. You set the pricing, terms and availability.

Let us help restore your watershed

Leverage 30+ years of fishery management experience.

Ready to start earning passive income in exchange for fly fishing access?


It’s simple. We add your property to our website. Our fishery specialists manage scheduling to ensure your property isn't overfished. All you have to do is sit back, relax and collect checks. As a landowner, it costs you nothing. Seriously. Ok, maybe it costs you a little time but that's it.

If you have at least one mile of river, stream or creek running through your property, we’d love to hear from you. Our current properties are located in Colorado and Wyoming but we’ll be opening in new states soon.

All anglers are conservation-minded and required to sign and adhere to RareWaters' "Leave No Trace" policy, requiring all anglers to leave your property better off than it was before they arrived. Disrespecting or damaging private property is not tolerated.

If you list your property on our website, you’re automatically enrolled in RareWaters’ Conservation Fund. Each year, we select a few landowners to receive resources for conservation projects. We also partner with other local conservation organizations.

RareWaters offers a complimentary $2M insurance policy to all users. There's no need to worry. We've got your back.